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  Ashton under Hill Gallery - Through the Seasons - Winter



   December 2010, winter views around Ashton; Roger Umpelby


  Winter frosts, December 2010; Jeremy King


  St Barbara's Church in the snow; Russ Cook                                                                No school buses today... Russ Cook


  Robin in the snow; Roger Umpelby                                 Icicles; Roger Umpelby


   The vegetables are here somewhere; Found the carrots; It's so satisfying growing your own - most of the time! Roger Umpelby



   Puzzled Ducks; Russ Cook;    Ashton Cross on a snowy evening, Malcolm Nelson


  St Barbara's Church on a frosty morning in January 2010; Roger Umpelby


  Filigree; Morning; Lace; Russ Cook


  Winter frost; Jeremy King. Frost on cobweb; John Dodge. Snow on silver birch; Malcolm Nelson


  St Barbara's in the snow; tobogganing on Bredon Hill; Malcolm Nelson.