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 Ashton under Hill Gallery - Wildlife



  Thirsty snail! Picture by Jeremy King

Click on the image for the fascinating story of a Death's Head Hawk Moth Caterpillar, a very rare visitor to Ashton, compiled by Roger Umpelby


   Swallows in their nest; pictures by Jeremy King


   A Sparrow Hawk in Ashton - November 2014. Pictures by Jeremy King


  Death's head hawkmoth caterpillar. These are very rare in the wild and are probably the biggest UK caterpillar; only a few are found each year.

  Pictures by Roger Umpelby


  An escaped parrot in Ashton under Hill - no, not an April Fool joke!


  Nuthatches in residence March 2014; pictures by Jeremy King


  LongTails and Redpoll January 2013; Long-eared Bat July 2013; Nuthatch November 2013; Jeremy King



  Elephant Hawk Moth; Robin; Pictures by Jeremy King


  What Am I?!; Young grass snake; pictures by Roger Umpelby


  Click on the picture for a fascinating illustrated account of 21 species of butterfly

  recorded on Bredon Hill on Friday 7 August 2009; Roger Umpelby