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Ashton Walks

'Up to the Top and Down Again'

Approx 2 miles - A quick climb to a glorious view


For printable map of this walk click here

Photos on this page by Roger Umpelby, drawing by John Dodge.


Start : St Barbara's Church, Ashton under Hill.

  • Go through the Lychgate and churchyard then through 2 kissing gates into meadow [Church Close]. Bear slightly right and climb to the field corner, cross 2 stiles in thicket and up steps to Bakers Lane. Cross stile and continue straight uphill past marker post then cross stile and up short slope onto the long flat section of Little Hill.


  • Continue to far end then cross stile into small field with hillocks. Go uphill and cross stile [not visible until you pass thickets] then bear left to cross stile in hedge rising on your left. Bear slightly right and climb to top of next field and through farm gate. After a few yards cross track [this is the start of your return route] and continue uphill to substantial wooden gate which opens onto the hilltop known as Great Hill.
  • Return to track, turn left and follow for a few yards then through a metal farm gate into pasture field. After only a few yards, bear right and directly downhill to metal farm gate at the bottom. Go through and turn right to join the track which leads steeply downhill, go through farm gate then pedestrian gate by cattle grid. Follow the road past the farm buildings and downhill to Cottons Lane and Elmley Road. Turn right to return to St Barbara's Church.


From the top, the nearest visible hill is Dumbleton Hill just 2 miles to the South East. Woolstone Hill to the right and due South is close by. Visible through the gap between these are clustered Dixton Hill, Nottingham Hill and Langley Hill behind which is the village of Winchcombe.


The horizon is marked by the Cotswold escarpment with Broadway tower 8 miles away to the East and the village of Broadway below it.


Tewkesbury is visible 6 miles to the South West with Gloucester and The Forest of Dean beyond. On a clear day, the Black Mountains are visible roughly 50 miles away to the South West.

The booklet "Walks from Ashton under Hill" was written by Joe Aspey and illustrated by John Dodge, in aid of St Barbara's Church. Copies, price £4.00, may be purchased by telephoning 01386 881487. Details of the above walk are published by kind permission of the authors.