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Parish Music

Parish Music has now closed.

For 18 years some excellent concerts were provided for the benefit of local audiences, and at the same time gave up-and-coming local young professional musicians the opportunity to perform in delightful surroundings. We have, over the years, engaged many young artists who have gone on to establish distinguished careers in the world of music.

We'd like to thank our loyal audiences for their tremendous support, and help in so many different ways.

It's been a great pleasure to be part of the organisation of what we believe to have been a really excellent series of concerts. Our beautiful churches are wonderful venues for events of this kind and we are sad that Parish Music has to come to an end. We'd be only too happy to give our encouragement to anyone wanting to organise something similar in the future but feel we can't continue on our own any longer.


Thank you again. Your unfailing support has made all the difference.


Alastair and Gill Humphrey ; Julian Alington