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NHS Thank you Day

 The NHS celebrate their 73rd birthday on monday 5th July 2021. There are now also celebrations taking place over the weekend, but we have decided to keep to monday. Please do come out on your...

Neighbourhood Matters

Hope you find this new community messaging service from West Mercia Police useful. The PC have signed up, but WMP are encouraging residents to do the same. Click here to go to their new website and...

NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers’ Day

NHS day
The first NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers’ Day takes place on Monday, July 5th 2021 (the NHS’s birthday) with a view to raising money for two excellent causes – NHS Charities Together and the...

Our new litter picking team

Last saturday our new litter team had their first ‘litter pick’. The team were equipped with high viz jackets, litter pickers, gloves & bags, all supplied by Wychavon as part of their...

Carol Tyler’s funeral

Some of you may know that Carol Tyler, Gordon’s wife, sadly died last week. Gordon has asked us to let those of you who knew Carol that the funeral will be held this Wednesday 19th May at Vale...

Further information on hornets

Further to the post about Asian hornets circulated for Jen and Colin Creese, our ‘Ashton Bugman’ Roger Umpelby has, after liaising with Jen and Colin, sent some extra information and photographs with...

The spotted flycatcher bird-a new study

A new study is being carried out on the Spotted Flycatcher bird. Your help is needed if possible! There are more details of what you can do to help on the poster. Thank you.

The Asian Hornet

Jen & Colin Creese, our resident beekeepers, have sent us information about this non native intruder.
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