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Welcome to Ashton’s Covid-19 support & information pages.

We will keep these pages as up to date as we can during this rapidly changing situation. We will provide information about essential services being offered in and around our village and in the local community. 

We will also post the latest government, council, NHS and Public Health information.

Thank you to our brilliant volunteer support team who are still collecting prescriptions & shopping and ensuring all residents on their ‘patch’ are being looked after.

We want to also keep your spirits up if we can!  Have a look under ‘Other Information’ for online quiz info, children’s activities and anything else that we can find that might provide some light relief during this time. Ideas for this welcome. 

Please leave a message on the village facebook page, email address below or by completing and submitting the form.

ashtonuhillcommunity@gmail.comcreate new email

Tel: 07976 906653opens phone dialer

If you are self isolating or need help, please use the form below to contact us.

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