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There is now so much  Covid 19 information from the government, we are just supplying the main link to the Guidance section on the Gov UK website. 

UK CV19 Government Guidance

Social distancing: A practical guide to how to socialise now

Changes to CV19 Government Advice (Local)

Latest local CV 19 information can be found at the  Worcestershire County Council website.


Hand Washing

Clap for Carers

Like the rest of the nation we have been showing our appreciation for the amazing NHS workers, carers and other key workers every Thursday at 8pm. Clapping and  cheering has been accompanied by saucepan lids and wooden spoons, whistles and even a trumpet!

There is now a dedicated site with downloadable posters for displaying in windows, family activity packs and much more. There is also an opportunity to buy a t shirt. 100% of donations go to NHS. Click below for more details and see (and hear!) you all on Thursday evening!



Cv19 Here2Help

Here2Help is a community action response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) run by Worcestershire County Council. Our own volunteer team are registered with them, should we or anyone in the village need extra support. Click on the poster to go to their website.

If you have local family, friends or neighbours who don't have the internet there is a dedicated line to call:  01905 768053.


Could we make an urgent request that if you have a prescription to collect from the various surgeries, that you contact your volunteer first and they will arrange collection for you. We now have two arrangements in place with Bredon Hill and Riverside and can therefore minimise number of trips by residents in the village.
Please contact Sarah or Karen, who are coordinating the Volunteer team, so we can give you the name and contact details of the volunteer for your area, if you don't know it. Details below:


Sarah Hewitt (PC chair)

Tel: 01386 881070 Mobile: 07770 942144

Karen Rowley (PC deputy chair)

Tel: 01386 882466 Mobile: 07976 906653


General Wychavon Information

The attached document contains information that was shared by Wychavon Cllr Andrew Dyke on his facebook page on 4th April. Please be aware that information may have been updated since then. Visit Wychavon for further details.

Information includes:

  • Council Tax Hardship Fund
  • EU Settlement Scheme applications
  • Pet owners & livestock keepers
  • Scams
  • Rough Sleeping & Changes to Benefits
  • Other updates


Changes to CV19 Government Advice (29 May 2020) (Now superseded)

Latest government CV 19 information can be found below.

Latest government guidelines for CV 19




Former Social Distancing Government Guidelines (pre 11/05/20)

This guidance is for everyone, including children. It advises on social distancing measures we should all be taking to reduce social interaction between people in order to reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). It is intended for use in situations where people are living in their own homes, with or without additional support from friends, family and carers. (Public Health England). Click below for link.

Guidance Notes