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Fete to go ahead

The fete team had a long discussion about whether to postpone the fete tomorrow. They checked to see if other events were still taking place (they are in Broadway as one example) and so it was decided to go ahead. It seems uncaring to mention finances at such a time, but the short notice would also have meant that the village would have incurred high costs, especially the marquee which arrived early this morning. The team and those attending will pay their respects during the fete as detailed below. This could also be a lovely opportunity to bring our community together to remember our beloved Queen. The fete team understands that some of you may prefer not to attend, but they would like to share the following message with you anyway and hope you will respect their decision.
After much discussion within the committee and parties involved, we have made the decision to go ahead tomorrow.
The fete won’t be open until 2pm when we will show our respects with a minute silence followed by the National Anthem.
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