For Awareness – Anti-5G Posters with sharps or blades stuck behind them

We have received the following advice from the Health & Safety team at Worcestershire County Council.
‘It’s been brought to our attention that ‘anti-5G’ protesters have been sticking posters on various street furniture including telephone infrastructure, electricity cabinets and lamp posts. Some of these posters have blades or other ‘sharps’ placed behind them, in a deliberate attempt to injure anyone who attempts to remove them.
If any posters or stickers with ‘anti-5G’ messages are found stuck to any street furniture, infrastructure, lamp posts where diffusion tubes are fixed, etc., DO NOT attempt to remove them.
If such a poster is found report it to the Police.’
Whilst it is very unlikely this would happen in the village, as many of you do use the noticeboards and other areas to display posters, we thought you should be aware of this. We located more information here.