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FTTP Broadband update

Thank you to those who have pledged so far. Please remember that, other than contract costs when FTTP is completed (estimated not to be very much different to average contract costs now), pledging will cost you nothing. Every pledge becomes a voucher that is funded by the government and this is the running total you see on the website.

Funding is limited and there has been a big uptake in applications for FTTP during lockdown, where people having to work from home or those doing home schooling, have been realising how poor their connection is. We really need to get pledging quickly and ideally within the next month. We are hoping that if we are successful, the village could be up and running with fibre approx a year from submission of pledges.

Remember also that a superfast fibre broadband connection will not only benefit all of us but will add value to properties for those intending to sell in the future. Even if you currently have a decent connection, please, please still pledge. We think even the best connections in the village get nowhere near 100mbps, so fibre can only be a good thing for everyone who use the internet.

The web address is Connect My Community
Any other questions contact:
Nikki at CllrMcIntyreAUH@outlook.comcreate new email.

Thank you again and we will keep you updated.

Parish Council

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