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Inicdents during weekend of 16/17 Oct 2021

Sorry to report that there have been two incidents over the weekend, one a burglary & break ins and one anti social behaviour at the playing field (see below). Please do report anything suspicious by calling 101. Our local community police officers are aware of the anti social behaviour from previous incidents and the playing fields are on their patrol list.
1. Saturday 16th Oct: Theft of caravan and two sheds broken into at Long Carrant Park
2. Sunday 17th Oct between approx 10 -11:30pm: Two cars tried to access the track to the cricket club; barrier latch has been damaged. Cars were driven noisily with spinning wheels. Cars left but returned half an hour later. Police did attend but cars had left by then.
Thank you very much for your support, let’s try and keep Ashton crime free if we can.
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