Local Crime Update

PACT (West Mercia Police’s ‘Partners and Communities Together’) report

We are encouraging all residents to review their home and garden security as a priority as we are receiving reports of a number of sheds and outbuildings being broken into and a number of burglaries have already been reported in the surrounding area. For further advice please visitwww.westmercia.police.uk

Also in the last week we have received reports of a scam call from HMRC or Pensions Department telling the caller that there is a warrant for their arrest. The caller is then demanding personal details. Please share amongst the local residents, especially the elderly who appear to be the main victims of these calls. HMRC will never contact you by phone and no company should ever contact you requesting personal details. If anyone receives a call like this they should hang up without engaging with the caller, then, after checking they have a dial tone, call 101 and report it.