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Roving Crows back by popular demand!

Roving Crows back by popular demand!

Back by popular demand for a third time, the Roving Crows are appearing at the Village Hall on Saturday 2nd December, 7:30 pm. Tickets £12.50.

Tickets will go fast, so don’t delay, call 07768751342 to reserve tickets.

Ashton Naked Sub Series Conquer Bredon Hill Loop! 🏃

The St Barbara’s team are fundraising for their Water Project and need your support! On the 10th September you can embark on a unique adventure around the stunning Bredon Hill landscape.
If you would like more information and to enter the event, please follow the link below. Do share with your friends too.
Don’t be put off by the title, clothes are mandatory!
If you would rather help on the day with marshalling, catering or volunteering for something else, please email Matt Cyphus at
Hope some of you will put your running shoes on and support St B’s!

Misuse and damage on the Playing Fields

You may have read Nigel Ackers’ post about the damage to the marquee, a few days ago.

 The Parish Council and Social Centre need to inform you that this is not an isolated incident. Over the past few months children and teenagers have committed damage by over enthusiastic play or sheer vandalism on the new tennis/netball courts and play area. 

The courts have tyre rubber skids marks on them now, children have been swinging on the netball posts, clogging the tennis posts’ winding mechanism, playing football and rugby in their studded boots, chipping the surface practicing hockey, playing basketball, etc. etc. The courts have a special sports surface now. Tennis and netball, with appropriate footwear, are the only activities to be played on there. 

One of the benches for parents to sit on in the Play Area has systematically had the back-support slats broken by kicking/smashing them. Five slats have been smashed so far. The Cricket Club experience similar issues from time to time.

The total investment for the courts, play area and marquee is in the region of £90,000. In the final analysis, you have funded these projects directly or indirectly. All of you are our key stakeholders. It would be very sad, not to mention wasteful financially, if the tennis courts were to revert to the sorry state they were in previously. Please help us to keep your facilities in great condition.

The Parish Council and Social Centre members have recently met to discuss these issues and will identify children who have, because of over enthusiasm or blatant negative behaviour, damaged equipment or facilities. We please need the support of villagers to contact Social Centre or Parish Council members if they witness that youngsters are misbehaving in this way. Parents will be contacted when damage occurs, when these children are identified. 

We did wonder if parents could sit their children down and discuss these issues with them.

Perhaps discuss where your children are playing when unsupervised. What are they doing after school, or in the evenings? Fun play, health, fitness, developing social skills and a social conscience are crucial in our children’s development and should be encouraged. We all desire this for our children. Please can we work together to achieve these goals, but in a way that is not anti-social?

Maybe you or your children themselves might have ideas of some activities or facilities that one would wish to develop? The Social Centre are looking for suggestions, they have been asking for ideas for projects in the village. We still need new active members to join the Social Centre. Why not join us to influence policies and develop facilities, services and activities? 

Together we can make a difference!

Thank you for listening.

Ashton Parish Council and Ashton Social Centre

St Barbara’s new water supply

St Barbara’s new water supply

Advance warning that Beckford Rd, outside St Barbara’s church, will be closed from 22-24 February to allow Severn Trent to connect St Barbara’s newly installed water pipe to their mains supply. This will be during half-term week. More information in attached or please log into

Input post code and search under ‘Next 3 months’.

Finally, around 900 years since it was first built, there will be a supply of fresh water to the church!


Latest Live & Local performance coming soon!

Latest Live & Local performance coming soon!

Tennis/Netball Courts Update

Tennis/Netball Courts Update

Please  click here for an update about our new tennis/netball courts.

New Leaf Plants Christmas Sale

New Leaf Plants Christmas Sale

Remembrance Poppies in the village!

Remembrance Poppies in the village!

A very big thank you to our Craft Club members for their brilliant Remembrance Poppy ‘yarn bombs’, examples of which are adorning the village. They look amazing!

Beckford & District Gardening Club

Beckford & District Gardening Club

Beckford & District Gardening Club
The rain has finally come and we can at long last get back and play in our gardens.
However, we need to think about sprucing up some pots for winter and spring colour.
Come to Beckford Village Hall on 26th October 7.15pm to watch Harriet Rycroft show us how to do it. She is also bringing her book to sell so you will need a tenner in cash if possible (it’s on sale for £12 )
Don’t forget to bring your own cup if you want a hot drink. Everybody is welcome.
A46 Safety Campaign update

A46 Safety Campaign update

You may have read our report in the latest newsletter regarding the A46 Safety Campaign. Ashton and Sedgeberrow, along with many other local PCs, have been campaigning to have safety measures installed on our stretch of the A46, starting with the Hinton/Childswickham junction.
After many meetings with Highways and West Mercia Police in the spring, we were led to believe that new signage and a vehicle activated sign would be in place by the summer. Sadly, as you will have seen, NOTHING has happened.
Our MP Harriett Baldwin, who has been very supportive of our campaign, has published a press release (see below) and we are also in contact with Highways. If anyone has experience in this area, we would really value your help. Please contact us on opens in a new, or message us here.
We will update you as soon as we have further news.

Fete to go ahead

The fete team had a long discussion about whether to postpone the fete tomorrow. They checked to see if other events were still taking place (they are in Broadway as one example) and so it was decided to go ahead. It seems uncaring to mention finances at such a time, but the short notice would also have meant that the village would have incurred high costs, especially the marquee which arrived early this morning. The team and those attending will pay their respects during the fete as detailed below. This could also be a lovely opportunity to bring our community together to remember our beloved Queen. The fete team understands that some of you may prefer not to attend, but they would like to share the following message with you anyway and hope you will respect their decision.
After much discussion within the committee and parties involved, we have made the decision to go ahead tomorrow.
The fete won’t be open until 2pm when we will show our respects with a minute silence followed by the National Anthem.
Death of HM Queen Elizabeth II Thursday 8th September 2022

Death of HM Queen Elizabeth II Thursday 8th September 2022

We are sure we speak for you all when we say how very sad we are about the death of our Queen yesterday. We are taking advice on protocol and will keep you informed about the funeral and any other special days that the village can take part in. 

Final fete programme

Final fete programme

Exciting news, here is the final programme for our fete on Saturday 10th September. Think we need a whole weekend, not just an afternoon and evening, there is so much going on! Please do support it if you can and tell your friends.

Fete Programme

Fete Programme

Here is your electronic fete programme…
Paper copies will be delivered next week.
It’s only a month until the fete (Saturday 10th September) and it looks like it will be an epic one! Hope you are all keeping the date free.
Thanks everyone.
Village Cross Maintenance Work

Village Cross Maintenance Work

Village Cross Maintenance Work

The Parish Council has now contracted Hudson Stonework Ltd. to complete the repairs to the cross. Simon Hudson is an experienced conservation stonemason. He’ll be using traditional materials and methods. He plans to start work on 4th July, weather permitting.

The residents of St Barbara’s Cottage have kindly agreed to let Simon park his van on the drive adjacent to the cross, and he’ll mark out the working area before he starts. The footpath route next to the Lychgate will remain open and road users will not be affected.  All users should please be aware of the ongoing work, take greater care than usual in the vicinity of the cross, and ensure they don’t put themselves or Simon at risk.

Please do not enter the working area – it’s important that replacement stone and mortar be left undisturbed to ensure it sets properly.

A brief reminder of the significance of the village cross:-

It’s a scheduled ancient monument – this means that it’s been recognised as a nationally important archaeological site. Additionally, it means that while some change may be possible, there’s a presumption that we will hand it on to future generations in much the same state that we found it. The work to be carried out is therefore based on a principle of “minimal intervention”.

There’s a link to the full schedule list entry below. These are extracts from the listing:-

“Wayside crosses are one of several types of Christian cross erected during the medieval period, mostly from the 9th to 15th centuries AD. In addition to serving the function of reiterating and reinforcing the Christian faith amongst those who passed the cross and of reassuring the traveller, wayside crosses often fulfilled a role as waymarkers, especially in difficult and otherwise unmarked terrain.”

“The cross 80m east of St Barbara’s Church is a good example of a medieval wayside cross with a stepped base.”

“The monument dates to the 14th or 15th century.” 

The following are links to relevant websites and documents:-

The Schedule entry:-

Historic England website (Scheduled Monuments):-

The Consent from Historic England:-

If you have any queries please contact Huw Miller at

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