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NHS day

NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers’ Day

The first NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers’ Day takes place on Monday, July 5th 2021 (the NHS’s birthday) with a view to raising money for two excellent causes – NHS Charities Together and the National Care Association.
We thought it would be nice for the village to do something to mark the day. This could include a toast, clapping and bell ringing, afternoon tea, early evening drink etc.
As we know many of you will be back at work, maybe the best plan would be to have something in the early evening; maybe along the lines of VE day, e.g. cream tea, crisps and dips, anything you like really. It would be a nice way to get together again in front gardens and drives and maybe have a wander around the village. We’ll even get the bunting put up to make it more festive!
As regards donating to the charities; you can find details in the link below:
Watch this space!
Parish Council and Social Committee
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