Piper Homes/Bredon Gate Roadworks Update

Just to remind you that roadworks (and road closure) will start outside the new Piper Homes development on 25 Oct as originally planned, NOT 22nd. Please see extract from email below from WCC, explaining the error. Original details attached below.
‘Initially there was an error in the advanced notice signage which was put out as the incorrect date of 22/10/2019 for the start of the closure. However after calling the works undertakers this was soon rectified and the signage was removed and amended to reflect the correct date of 25/10/2019. My supervisor also liaised with the works undertaker to reiterate that works will only be permitted during the half term period.
I can confirm that instruction has also been given that the works can only commence from 20:00hrs on 25/10/2019 and must be completed by 03/11/2019. I presume that local residents have perhaps seen the incorrect signage before it was amended to reflect the actual dates of the closure.
Trust this helps to bring some clarity to the situation.’
Compliance Officer
Worcestershire County Council
Directorate of Economy and Infrastructure

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