Prescriptions & shopping

Could we make an urgent request that if you have a prescription to collect from the various surgeries, that you contact your volunteer first and they will arrange collection for you. We now have two arrangements in place with Bredon Hill and Riverside and can therefore minimise number of trips by residents in the village.
You can also email us at or text/call Karen on 07976 906653 or 882466 or Sarah on 07770 942144 or 881070.
This also extends to shopping, although we recommend using the Star as much as possible. Vicky can order in a wide variety of food and other items, just call her on 881325.
The fewer people leaving their houses or the village the better at the moment. Hope you all agree and thank you very much for helping us to achieve this. Please pass on this information to anyone you know. We will try to deliver further information house to house as soon as possible.