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Village Burglary

We have had literally a daylight robbery in the village. Jackie Locke has had most of her jewellery, including items belonging to her late father, stolen by an opportunist thief who entered the house whilst the Lockes were in.
They think the burglary happened some time between 8.30 and 1pm and that the thief or thieves might have made their escape down Back Lane and onto the A46.
If anyone finds anything or has seen anything suspicious, please could you let the Lockes know (email address above). They tried to report the burglary to the police but sadly they were too busy to answer the phone and they have had to file an online report.
We live in a village and as such are used to leaving our houses unlocked whilst we are at home; sadly it looks like we will need to be more vigilant, or perhaps consider keeping doors locked.
Thank you and best wishes to Jackie and Andrew, a horrible thing to happen over Christmas.
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