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Village vandalism

We are very sorry to report that there have been several incidents of vandalism of the cricket clubhouse and surrounding area. As you can see from the pictures, this has included breaking the railings, removing tiles from the roof and leaving broken bottles, cans and cigarette stubs scattered around the place. A motorbike was also being driven around the cricket pitch last night.
Please could everyone be extra vigilant, especially evenings if at all possible. If you see any further incidents in progress, please don’t attempt to deal with them yourself but instead dial 999. Any other related incidents please call 101. You can also contact the Cricket Club chair, Ed Spires on 07977 011198 or email
Thank you everyone for your support in looking after an important village facility that everyone can enjoy. The clubhouse is used not only by the cricket team, but as a venue for village and private events and classes.
Ashton under Hill Cricket Club, Social Centre & Parish Council
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